I'm pleased you've visited this site. It might be that you're looking for information to help you pass your Grade 5 Theory Examination. Perhaps you're trying to improve your scales. You've come to a good place to learn about these things and more.

I've been teaching music for over thirty years and have amassed quite a few ideas to help people become better musicians. Have a look around, clicking the pdf links and contact me if there's anything that you'd like to know more about. You will also find some of my arrangements and original compositions on this site.

If you are interested in finding out more about taking regular lessons with me in Nuneaton, whether for a short time or for longer, you can discover more about this on the next page.

Whilst Lockdown is occurring many pupils are continuing to receive lessons on Zoom, WhatsApp and FaceTime as face-to-face lessons in my home are not possible. Contact me if you would like more details about online lessons.

John Stephenson

128 Wentworth Drive, Nuneaton, CV11 6NX

07982 404 951